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Autonomous Vehicle Technology: Companies and News

Autonomous vehicle technology is growing rapidly. The market, valued at $25.15 billion in 2022, is expected to reach $197 billion by 2029. Companies like Tesla, Google, Uber, and Lyft are leading in this area

Competitions organized by DARPA in the early 2000s significantly contributed to the development of autonomous vehicles. By the mid-2010s, commercial applications began to increase. This rapid growth is supported by the U.S.’s R&D investments and advancements in the regulatory framework, with China and the European Union also being key players.

Apple announced the cancellation of its long-term Project Titan, prompting other major car manufacturers to reconsider their strategies.

Tesla is a leader in autonomous vehicle technology. The company is enhancing this technology by developing its own artificial intelligence chips. Additionally, it launched a subscription service that offers customers a continuously updated autonomous driving experience. Tesla trains its AI algorithms using data collected from hundreds of thousands of vehicles.

Google began developing autonomous vehicles in 2009 and started public road tests in 2012. Waymo, in 2018, launched a limited service called Waymo One in Phoenix and later expanded tests to San Francisco.

Cruise is identified as a pioneer in autonomous vehicle technologies, making an impact internationally. It draws attention with its mapping projects in Dubai and the autonomous delivery network it initiated with Walmart.

Uber is pursuing various strategies in autonomous driving technologies. In 2020, it sold ATG to Aurora and began collaborating with Motional.

After 2020, Lyft focused on autonomous driving technology, initiating various partnerships and ventures.

Argo AI received significant investments from Ford and Volkswagen but decided to shut down in 2022.

In the autonomous vehicle technology field, companies like Aptiv, Autoliv, Baidu, Didi, and are also important players. In August 2023, Toyota launched a robotaxi initiative in China with

Companies like Zoox, Nuro, and autoX aim to increase efficiency in the delivery and logistics sectors by using autonomous vehicles.